SIAT Mixer

is on break for now

I want to help host!

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Dear industry,

We here at the School of Interactive Arts & Technology (Simon Fraser University) are excited to have hosted students, alumni, staff, and industry at prior SIAT Mixers. The event is on a break for the foreseeable future.

If you are interested in helping fund or organize a future mixer, please contact Andrew Hawryshkewich.

Warmest regards,
The SIAT crowd.

Wait, but what is 'see-at' you may ask?

SIAT - the School of Interactive Arts & Technology - is a program where we imagine, innovate & create technology for people, places, and the future. Our students learn through interdisciplinary making, programming, art, design, research, and a critical approach to practice. Our graduates end up in a similarly diverse range of fields — but not limited to — media production, game design, UX, web & app development.